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Meeperbot 2.0

Meeperbot 2.0

Meeperbot 2.0 is one of the most versatile remote control toys on the planet. The meeperBOT is brick-studded platform that is powered by two motors and controlled by our meeperBOT Controller App on your smart device. MeeperBOT turns your brick kits and creations into movable masterpieces. Connect creations to this power platform to bridge physical and digital learning.

Must be at least 14 to use or have an adult parent/guardian present. Recommended for ages 5+..

iPad or tablet required. iPad available at the Library.

User Manual


Meeperbots are remote-controlled, programmable bots. You can also add Legos to the top to create your own unique robot! You’ll need your phone or tablet, and you’ll need to download the “meeperbot” app from your app store.

Getting Started:

1. After you download the Meeperbot app, open it and navigate to the Connect Screen by tapping the icon in the upper-left hand corner, and touching “Connect” on the menu. If you are opening the app for the first time, it should go to this screen by default.

2. Make sure your Bluetooth is on – if it’s off, the app should prompt you to turn it on.

3. Turn on the power switch on the bottom of the bot. A blue light should start blinking – this signals that the bot’s Bluetooth chip is waiting to be connected to a device.

4. Look back at your device – within moments the bot should pop up on the screen. Click the red button where it says “NOT Connected” to Connect your meeperbot. This button will turn green when you are connected. Tap on “Drive”.

How to Drive:

There are three ways to drive the meeperbots:

1. Command Drive: this is the standard and easiest mode.

2. Tank Drive: a two-handed way to drive with one hand controlling the forward and back movements, while the other controls the left and right movements.

3. Touch Drive: a joystick-style drive. Just drag the center circle around to get your bot moving.

Create Codes:

If you’re ready for an advanced bot challenge, try BOTCode!

1. In the Controller App, connect the bot and tap the “Drive” button. Click on the navigation menu in the top-left corner of the screen.

2. Select “BOTCode” and turn your phone sideways. Here you can program sequences of actions for the bot to do!

3. Try tapping and dragging one of the “actions” from the “Code Control” section to the “BOT CODE” section. If you want to rearrange actions in the sequence, just tap and drag those too. Tap the “Start” button and watch the bot go!

4. Different types of commands include: Code Control (loop and delay your code), Move Controls (forward and reserve commands), and Turn Controls (turns or spins for time durations or by rotations).

Play Hot and Cold:

You can play hot-and-cold with the bots!

1. Open the Controller App, connect to the bot, and tap the “Drive” button.

2. Hit the “Drive Mode” arrows until you switch to the Energy Leash screen.

3. Set the bot on the ground a fair distance away from you.

4. Press “Seek” and watch the bot try and find you!

5. Help the bot along by using the “Hot”, “Cold”, and “Obstacle” buttons.


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