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Mynted Super 3D Pen

Mynted Super 3D Pen

Super 3D Pens turn ordinary drawings into 3D works of art. The stepless speed slider lets you regulate flow for optimal control of material while you're drawing. The Super 3D Pen is great for kids, artists and engineers of all ages. The pens use PLA filament.

Must be at least 14 to use, or with supervision of an adult parent/guardian.

User Manual

Operating Instructions:

  1. Connect the AC Adapter and USB Power Cable to a power outlet. Insert the plug into the power socket.
  2. Adjust temperature (if desired) and press the feed button and release. Keep an eye on the temperature display and wait for the pen to heat to temperature.
  3. Straighten the end of the filament if necessary and insert it into the filament loading hole until it stops. Press and hold, or double click the feed button to load filament into the pen. Sliding the speed control all the way up will make this process faster.
  4. Start your drawing on a flat surface, you can use anything that is heat safe and your filament adheres to (regular paper, glass, wax paper, etc)

Changing Colors:

  1. Bring your 3D Pen up to temperature.
  2. Press and hold the withdraw button until the filament is free.
  3. Ensure the new filament is cut correctly and load into the pen.

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